The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing is a cutting-edge process that transforms digital designs into solid metal objects, layer by layer—commonly recognized as Metal 3D Printing.

Complementary Technology Solutions

Our LMJ technology has over 10 years of development history, it uses a highly sophisticated drop-on-demand liquid metal printing process that is protected by over 300 patents. The technology affords high resolution parts with built-in closed loop process control, providing high quality and reliable output and the lowest part production cost in the industry.

Our high-power 6kW laser system brings intricate large designs to life using a cost-effective high throughout process. Our deployable robotic architecture allows you to mass produce metal components that exceed the current manufacturing capabilities.

Changing Manufacturing

One Print at a Time

ADDiTEC is a leading innovator in advanced metal manufacturing, we design & manufacture Metal 3D Printers.

Our deployable, adaptable, scalable, and seamless hybrid systems enable integration into various applications, elevating metal component production to new heights. With a proven track record of successful commercialization and global recognition.

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Key Features of our Printing process

– Multi-Material
– 99.95 % Density

– Material Range
– Hybrid Ready

– Lower Part Cost
– High Resolution Parts


TCT 3Sixty

jun. 4-6, 2024

birmingham, uk


Jun. 25-27, 2024

los angeles, ca


SEP. 9-14, 2024

Chicago, IL


Nov. 19-22, 2024

Frankfurt, GER

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